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FBFC values  

NFT + 3D + Avatar 

1 Brief description for FBFC universal values

Early action
FBFC hopes that by integrating existing technologies, the product highlights will have more brand appeal

Some of FBFC’s technologies are patented by the US Patent Office and the European Patent Office for innovation which is rather than appearance patent.
FBFC hopes to spread technology and products through various channels to better serve customers
FBFC is address the impact of fundraising and brand communication through a multi-channel approach that includes ACH,SWIFT, blockchain, PAYPAL
In parts of Europe, more than 300, 000 examples of simple 3D reconstructions embedded have been tested
Now the test audience is growing, and users can experience simple 3D refactoring techniques with open code such as Twitter

Medium action
The FBFC hopes that by promoting the port, the interface will be used by more users, and the FBFC may eventually be completely consumed

Links to global payments. Bulgaria and Paraguay, for example, are only paid by international wire transfers
If the interactive port is reconstructed in three dimensions, FBFC can combine more people together with lower cross-border fees between countries
So that more artists can use 3d, virtual imaging technology to reach more ordinary users around the world, not just in the United States
With a steady increase in user volume, FBFC can be used as a new payment method and as an anchor for the company’s future expectations 

Long action
FBFC hopes to go stock market through SPAC, so that capital can better serve users

The FBFC hopes to go public in an SPAC and has been contacting Massachusetts law firms and Washington, DC for think tanks in early 2021.
The above law firm has helped companies with IRS tax refunds and overseas risk aversion.
These think-tanks have helped many government agencies complete major businesses such as overseas risk mergers and acquisitions.
Finally, the FBFC hopes to reach every social media user in the world through a SPAC, through the use of technology and finance.
Better integration of online and offline

FBFC Corporate phase planning

Frist Stage

Mainly solve product financing and product experience optimization

Products are funded between geek circles and global venture capital institutions
The United States recommends ACH, while other countries adopt SWIFT, blockchain and PAYPAL financing schemes
Product experience optimization is the optimization and iteration of existing technology for 3D reconstruction technology
In addition, more and more comprehensive access work should be carried out on the social media interface of some existing products
By the middle of August 2021, we are testing on the technology platform. For Europe, especially eastern European countries, we have already conducted the second round of testing
The third phase of testing will take place in South America, with pop-up ads targeting Spanish-speaking regions


Second Stage

It is mainly a seamless multi-interface payment docking for global users and an open shareholder equity transfer management system

There is 50% STAKING incentive function for FBFC
Let more port users connect to more payment channels, and conduct directional destruction
Especially the centralized third-party payment channels with a small user volume but a large number of users
Payment channel users are eager to solve the payment problems and transaction hedging problems in the third world countries
On shareholder equity issues, the FBFC expects to establish an efficient communication and dynamic technology finance system
Make it easier for port users to upgrade to shareholders rather than speculators
FBFC will use various open and transparent financial systems for port users to actively acquire corresponding stock rights
It’s not a token interest or a central voting interest
And shareholders can trade their equity through an approved third party channel or peer to peer


Third stage
It is mainly to obtain multiple rounds of financing from large global investment institutions, determine shareholders’ equity, and open the road of SPAC listing

As far as personal privacy is concerned,
The FBFC will showcase user data, user activity, and user engagement to investors
To solve the multi-dimensional financial institutions to the investment subject matter, that is, FBFC company’s investment parameters consideration
FBFC will fully and transparently apply to professional accounting firms for regular audits and determine the corresponding interests of shareholders
After going to stock market,it will win more users, investors, product ecology, and more industry recognition